Content Marketing Solutions for Realtors

Realtors have a lot on their plates these days. While some stick to their routines and knock daily tasks out of the park, others take on too much and don’t get anywhere. Fortunately, content marketing platforms are keeping agents organized, enabling them to sell faster and with more precision. Trust isn’t given, it’s earned. And earning it is every realtor’s holy grail. With content marketing...

4 Reasons Why Real Estate Facebook Ads Works in 2019

Realtor Facebook ads are an essential part of an online marketing strategy designed to attract buyers, sell more properties, and generate seller leads. With nearly 1.5 billion daily active users at the end of 2019, Facebook gives realtors the ability to reach an immense audience. Agents can make the most of that user base by targeting very specific audiences in local areas about open houses, offers, or new...

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