4 tips to help you buy property right now

It’s natural instinct to delay big spending decisions during times of economic uncertainty. It makes sense on the surface but could actually cost you in the long run. Sellers are more willing to make a deal now and home prices will begin to recover in the coming months. Of course, you can’t simply make a low-ball offer and expect to get the property you’re after. Here are four tips to help you...

Benefits of Short Sale for Buyers and Sellers

What is a short sale? Let's break it down. Say you're selling your home; however, the offer you get is so low, it won't cover the total amount you owe on your mortgage. But you need to unload it, so you'll take it. This is a short sale—simply put, you end up “short” on paying back your lender, and your lender agrees to accept less than what's owed on the loan. Short sales aren't the norm, but they...

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