Thailand Real Estate

Unstructured Thailand Real Estate Market!

The property market of Thailand has a life of its own. Critics say there is a sense of isolation in the Thailand real estate market. There are also rules – or the lack thereof – that deviate from what you normally see in foreign real estate markets (i.e. absence of appraisal policies, transactions going haywire). Unstructured Thai Property Market Former CBRE property consultant Natthapon...

The Basics of Investing in Thailand Real Estate

As you are thinking of buying a property or making a rental investment in Thailand, we’re certain that you’re asking yourself the following questions: Is it risky? Do I have to buy? Why Thailand? The article below gives you an overview of the economy, the infrastructure, and the real estate market in Thailand. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Buy, yes, but for...

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